February Career Horoscopes

Looking for career advice that's out of this world? Monster's monthly horoscopes can help you plot your next steps by the stars. Whether you're looking to get a job or move up the ladder, the sky's the limit.

  Now’s your chance to indulge in a sweet, sweet chocolate job

Valentine’s Day is coming up, so we rounded up an assortment of decadent job opportunities available right now.

How to answer the interview question, “What motivates you?”

Need to convince a potential employer of your drive? This is how to align your passion and skills with the company.

How to talk to your company's leaders as an entry-level worker

From random run-ins to scheduled meetings, this is how to hold your own with company leadership.

100 companies hiring this week, February 2018

Not in love with your current employment status? Find the top companies that are hiring the week of Feb. 5.

How to be great at what you do

uthor Morten Hansen studied 5,000 workers to pinpoint why some people excel at their careers and others sputter. The reasons, laid out in his new book, ‘Great at Work,’ may surprise you.

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